Stacey, a 2016 elected delegate to the Democratic National Convention, became Chair of the Brevard County Democratic Party in December of 2016. Since then, she has grown the local Democratic Party’s membership by 300%, increased fundraising through small dollar donations by 79% by increasing the number of contributions by over 500%, and recently led Democrats to win three municipal elections in Republican stronghold Brevard County with a total combined campaign budget for all winning candidates of about $6,000.

In Rockledge, Sammie Brown Martin, the first black woman ever to serve on the City Council, was elected in a city where Republicans outnumber Democrats by nearly 20%. The race was won by nearly 30% by increasing Democratic turnout from less than 10.5% in the last off-year municipal election to nearly 30% this year. In Cape Canaveral, where Democrats are outnumbered by nearly 40% by Republicans, Angela Raymond defeated a former Republican Councilman. In Malabar, a tiny town where Democrats are outnumbered by Republicans by 80%, Danny White won, too .

Under her leadership, the BrevardDems also recently fielded the largest county delegation to the Florida Democratic Party conference in Orlando, and won the Party’s 2017 “Golden Gavel” award for knocking the most doors in “get out the vote” efforts of any Democratic county party organization in Florida this year.

Stacey decided to run for the role after being called upon to do so by Democrats across Florida.

“The Democratic Party is our party; it’s the party of the people. I really believe we can win elections in Florida if we inspire our grassroots by giving them real power and purpose in our party.”

Her platform focuses on inspiring grassroots Democrats to engage and invest in the political process to win elections.

Stacey Patel is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon’s Heinz School of Public Policy, and has over 20 years of diverse professional experience in organizational transformation, social media fundraising, project management, small business ownership, non-profit leadership & performing arts administration. During last year’s presidential primaries, Stacey was the architect of a project that brought 300 volunteer canvassers from 30 states to Iowa in the week before the caucus.

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