Stacey Patel has earned endorsements from National Nurses United, the largest organization of registered nurses in the United States, and from local Democratic Party leaders representing Osceola, Leon, Sarasota, St. John’s, Santa Rosa, Alachua, Monroe, Bradford and Brevard Counties, as well as the support of Democratic Progressive Caucus Chair Susan Smith and the People’s Progressive Caucus of Miami-Dade.  Several endorsers across Florida provided emphatic statements of support:

Leon State Committeewoman Kathryn Smith: “Stacey represents the core Democratic values that many of us believe in – liberty, justice, equality, and truth. With Stacey as FDP Chair, I believe that she will work tirelessly to unite the party from county to county so that we can become a party that is for all people.”

Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida Chair Susan Smith: “If Democrats want to win elections and improve the lives of Floridians, then we must have bold progressive leadership. Stacey Patel will provide the grassroots focus, open communications, fairness, and transparency that are mandatory for Florida Democrats to be successful. No longer can we worship at the altar of consultants and corporate donors while paying lip service to the activists who must be inspired to do the work of the party. I support Stacey for FDP Chair because I think we need a different type of leadership at this point in time. We need to be fired up and Stacey knows how to do that.”

Alachua State Committeeman Robert Mounts:  “After careful evaluation of all four candidates for Florida Democratic Party (FDP) Chair, Interim State Committeewoman Liz Horne and I have agreed to throw our support on the first ballot to Stacey Patel, Chairwoman of the Brevard County Democratic Executive Committee, both publicly and privately.  

Here’s why: First, we believe that anyone who has reviewed with an open mind the entire two-hour plus Candidate’s Forum put on by the Miami-Dade Democratic Executive Committee last Thursday evening, November 30, 2017, must conclude that Stacey Patel was better prepared, more articulate, more passionate, and most importantly, delivered the most powerful message of transformative change for our party of any candidate. Stacey also argued that the overarching mission of the Florida Democratic Party should be to advance economic, social, and environmental justice. When asked who they would support if they didn’t win, all three of the other candidates endorsed Stacey Patel.

The Miami-Dade Forum was exceptionally well-conducted (aside from the background noise) and provides the best opportunity to evaluate the four candidates (Terrie Rizzo, Alma Gonzalez, Monica Russo, and Stacey Patel) in depth, far more revealing and informative than the one minute each candidate will have prior to the State Executive Committee vote on Saturday, December 9, to make their case.  To our knowledge, no other Candidate Forums are planned. A link to the Miami-Dade forum appears here.

Second, Stacey’s record of achievement electing Democrats in a predominantly “red” county, together with the obvious, and sometimes even raucous, enthusiasm she has generated among Brevard County Democrats, is infectious.  The excitement she has generated in the Brevard County delegation was quite visible at the recent FDP state convention.  We need that kind of leadership and enthusiasm at the state level.

Lastly, we are convinced that Stacey Patel is the only candidate capable of attracting voters with no party affiliation (NPAs) in support of Democratic Party candidates in 2018 and beyond. She will implement a “big tent” strategy for winning in 2018 and building the bench for 2020 that is sorely needed.”

Monroe State Committeeman Dakin Weekley: “For our Party to be successful we need to communicate a sense of ownership to all involved and represented. We need to be true to our roots as the Party of the People and we need to build strong foundations across all 67 of our Counties from the bottom up. It is my belief that Stacey Patel is the best candidate to help us achieve this and that is why she has my support to be the next Chair of the Florida Democratic Party.”

Osceola State Committeewoman Sama Nuzuma:  “I support Stacey Patel for her unique leadership, and because of all that the BrevardDems have achieved under her leadership. Data speaks volumes. I believe she is what FDP needs. She is someone who’s loved by her allies and respected by her rivals.”

Santa Rosa State Committeewoman Sarah Coutu: “Stacey has proven what she can do in the red county of Brevard; imagine what her passion and inspiration will bring to the entire state of Florida. Stacey can unite us together to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. Together, with her leadership, we can turn Florida blue.”

Sarasota State Committeeman Mike Shlasko: “The Florida Democratic party in 2017 began a transition from top down consultant led back door deal making to bottom up grassroots participatory democracy.  This transition must continue and that will only happen if we have leadership that is willing to challenge us with new ideas on how best to engage all Florida Democrats every day in the political process.  We have three candidates for party chair.  Two of them are great Democrats with long records of service to the party but only one is challenging us with new ideas to mobilize the party’s grass roots and become the vibrant, inclusive and effective party that we need to become to win elections up and down the ballot in Florida and that is Stacey Patel.  For this reason, I enthusiastically endorse Stacey Patel for election as Chair of the Florida Democratic Party.”

Bradford State Committeeman Robert Protomastro: “I found Stacey very energetic with the great quality to listen to our concerns then answering them directly and thoughtfully. I believe Stacey will be an excellent leader for the Florida Democratic Party because she will listen and make decisions based on truth, facts, lessons learned but, what is really refreshing, is for the good of the people.”

Brevard State Committeewoman Angie Matos: “Stacey has the heart, the mind, and the will to get the job done. After seeing the positive changes in our local county DEC since her leadership began, I am confident Stacey will lead our party to victory and fully support her for the position of FDP Chair.”

In addition, Democrats across Florida are supporting Stacey’s candidacy:

As someone who was an informed voter before and was energized by this past election to make a difference; Stacey has been an energizing guiding light on the way.

No matter how trivial the question or concern she listens. Whether you can put in 1 hour or 100 hours she values you. Progressive, Blue Dog, Old School Dems – She takes all voices into consideration and has respect for all views. She makes you feel wanted, special, and loved. She has turned the Democrats in our very red county into a force to be reckoned with. All by her energy, passion, and love.

Stacey is an intelligent, passionate, enthusiastic, loving person who wants to do good in the world. I endorse her wholeheartedly.

Malinda Villain
Precinct 111 Committeewoman

Stacey Patel for truth, justice, and to be the true voice of the people. I support you.

Stacey is by far the best person out of every person I have ever met in Florida for us to run to become the next State Chair of the Democratic Party. She will unite us in ways our party has needed for decades. I endorse Stacey Patel for Chair of the FDP.
#OurParty #FloridaDemocraticParty #ThisIsWhatDemocracyLooksLike

I support Stacey Patel because I believe she is honest, has demonstrated leadership and integrity and will reform the Florida Democratic Party.

I support Stacey Patel because I believe she is honest, has demonstrated leadership and integrity and will reform the Florida Democratic Party.

We need leadership with Stacy Patel’s enthusiasm.

Stacey Patel has a vision and the work ethic to back it up. Upon first meeting her I watched her manage an inspirational DEC meeting (including bylaw changes) without losing anyone’s interest. She not only listens to input from all areas-she seeks it out, often from those who disagree with her. She has the uncanny ability to weigh input and ultimately act in a decisive manner. She is committed to making Florida a more perfect place for all to live. I have a strong leadership background-and I’ve never met a more visionary leader than Stacey. She also knows how to put people in positions where they can serve the best, and it is my honor and privilege to serve our county as the Precinct Organizational Chair under her leadership.

I support Stacey Patel because of the energy and enthusiasm she brings to the Democratic Party here in Brevard.

Integrity, courage and dedication. Stacey Patel is tireless in her efforts to bring a real voice to the people. Under her leadership, Brevard has become a model of how to build an effective, active organization. Support her, and she can and will do the same at the state level.

I fully support Stacey Patel for FDP Chair. She is a truly amazing leader, combining the passion and compassion of a saint with the leadership and organization of a general. She (with her large band of supporters) has turned the Brevard Democratic Party into an true force. We need her on the larger Florida stage–Please join me in supporting her.

I’m Yvette M. Rice, a retired US Army Noncommissioned Officer of 23 yrs, disabled veteran, single mother, Precinct Committee Woman for Precinct 406, and District 4 Co-Leader. After the results of our 2016 presidential election, like many, I was disheartened and looking for a way to get involved on a local level. More importantly, I was looking for a place where I would be surrounded by like-minded people and my voice would be heard. About six months ago, a friend led me to the Brevard DEC and after one meeting, I’ve been hooked ever since. Soon, I was a Precinct Committee Woman At-Large and then found myself becoming one of the Field Organizers for the Rockledge City Council election; which we won by the way!

I honestly never thought I would get this invested so fast, but I know it’s because of the leadership and guidance of Stacey Patel as our Chair. Her desire for equality, justice, transparency have inspired me to commit beyond my comfort zone and follow her lead. Her lead which led our DEC to having the most delegates represented at last month’s FDP Conference, led us to being recognized as the county with the highest number of doors knocked in 2017, led us to supporting six candidates, who ran outstanding campaigns in the recent municipal elections, and ultimately led us to three victorious wins in our very red county.

I’ve learned so much in such a short amount of time and I know it’s because of the passion and direction in which Stacey has led our DEC. I know she has the ability and determination to lead the Florida Democratic Party with that same zeal! The state would be fortunate to have her as the next FDP Chair. #OurParty

With so much ethical confusion and enthusiasm drain coming from the Florida Democratic Party, we have to support someone who has the commitment and the experience necessary to guide us to where we as a party need to be. I have never had the opportunity to meet Stacey in person but both by hearing of her work and seeing the endorsement of mutual friends I can feel confident that she will be the perfect person to improve our party moving forward. More than ever, we need to be honest, ethical, and straightforward as a party and Stacey’s election would be a perfect start to that ethos.

My name is Pete Colombo. I am currently a Precinct Committeeman ( Brevard 530 ) and I serve as a District Leader (Brevard District 5 ). I write in support of Stacey Patel for Chair of the Florida Democratic Party. In my life as an educator and a business owner, I’ve never met a person who is as dedicated to her calling as Stacey Patel.

I became a Democrat in 2017. I wasn’t of a mind to do so after the party had failed so miserably the prior November. But…as I investigated ways to have an impact on the direction that this nation takes…beyond my vote and my social media rants….I kept hearing accolades about how the Brevard DEC was fired up and ready to go.

I attended a meeting to see for myself. And WHAM!! I was hit by a wave of positive energy. It clearly emanated from Stacy and spread to the entire board. The room was packed….and it was enthusiastic. I mean singing and dancing kind of enthusiastic. It was precisely what I needed to see.

The party had just been walloped by the Trump train. There was a mixture of dread and nervous energy in this county. Stacey knew exactly how to harness that energy. She gave everyone a firm but gentle kick in the rear. A small army rapidly took shape. She brought people into the fold and they responded by taking on every task. She has a way of helping people expand their comfort zone.

I joined the party. I answered Stacey’s call for support along with dozens of other Democrats. I became a monthly financial contributor. I’m all in now along with many others. The party owes it all to Stacey Patel.

There is hard evidence to support these claims. I invite you to check out the results of our recent off year municipal elections. Compare the turnout with previous years. See how Stacey led us to a higher vote total IN DEEP RED BREVARD COUNTY!

I believe that as Chair, she will take what she has done here in Brevard to a whole new level statewide. She will energize those who are already in the party and she will bring in fresh new members. She will do so with integrity, humility and an impenetrable desire to see that justice is done.

Elect Stacey Patel for Florida Democratic Party Chair and let’s turn Florida BLUE!

Sol Edelson here-Precinct105, Titusville, Committeeman. I do not join groups, I have never been politically active having lived most of my life in Dem states, and have always been an independent voter. At my first Brevard DEC meeting I realized that there was something real happening here, and it was Stacey who made it real. She IS the real deal and Florida’s best chance to turn Florida blue up and down the state ballot, and nationally as well.

Stacey Patel for #FDP Florida Democratic Party Chair ! #OurParty

She always got a brotha support. How she handles everything is like at all times she knows how EVERYONE feels. Do you know what its like to finally be able to relax and know a local party is no longer establishment. I no longer feel like a prop or talking point. To be validated as a human being finally is beyond measure, something tangible i can take back to my demographic and the communities i frequent as proof positive that it isn’t just politics, these folks don’t wanna just change things for some they wanna change things for us right at the front lines of this nations dark history. I look forward to a movie about her (and Mr Sanjay Patel)


I endorse Stacey Patel for FDP chair! She’s smart with a ❤️!  She has what it takes to spark people into action, get us across the finish line, and bring us a victory!

At the FDP 2017 Conference in Orlando last month, I saw with my own eyes what the people in Brevard have been seeing for months now – a woman so dedicated to the grassroots and PEOPLE over the corrupt special interests and establishment that plagues the Democratic Party.

A woman that fought tooth and nail to make sure she did her part so that the Florida Democratic Party delegates were given an opportunity to vote HANDS DOWN for the most progressive platform this state party has ever seen.

Campaign finance reform? ✔️
Close tax loopholes? ✔️
Tax Wall Street transactions? ✔️
Guaranteed healthcare for all citizens? ✔️
Tuition-free college? ✔️
Ban on fracking? ✔️
Opposing the Sabal Trail Pipeline? ✔️
Opposing private prisons? ✔️

Friends…fellow Democrats…there’s one woman I’m putting my 999% full support behind for the Florida Democratic Party Chair race: Stacey Patel!

#OurParty #FromBittelToPatel

I want to share something about Stacey Patel. Last January I walked into my first ever DEC and was totally inspired by Stacey’s passion, vision and enthusiasm. I knew right then this was the kind of politics I wanted to be involved in. Over the year her leadership organized us and she built us into this team of people that believed we could make a difference in turning Brevard blue. We went grassroots and knocked on doors and got out in the community and let this Red County know the democrats are here and care about our community and got the vote out! I am 61 years old and never did anything like this in my life. I did this because of Stacey Patel! She is the real deal and her energy and vision is exactly what Florida needs!

I pledge my full support for Stacey Patel as our Chairwoman for the FDP. Stacey is the most inspiring person I have ever met. I love her “we are all in this together attitude”. Stacey can bring real change to Florida and can unite us together to elect more Democratic candidates than Florida has ever seen. Together with Stacey, we can turn Florida blue and give people a future to believe in.

#OurParty #FloridaDemocraticParty #ThisIsWhatDemocracyLooksLike

I support Stacey Patel because she is the kind of person the Democratic Party needs.

I work full time and have small children and only someone as authentic and energetic and compassionate as Stacey Patel could convince me I also have time to organize my precinct and my district to get more democrats elected. We need real people, relatable people, at the helm of our party and she is the real deal! Stacey for FDP Chair!!!!

Because her county knocked on more doors than any other ✊.

I’ve only known Stacey since 2016, but I feel like I’ve known her a lifetime. She’s inspired not only me, but many. I’ve moved out of complacency beyond the thought that my vote was enough. I am now an active member of a dynamic Democratic Party in Brevard where I have found my voice along with like minded people. I’ve seen so many inspired by Staceys leadership to the point where we have grown out of space for our meetings.

I never would have thought that I would be a person eagerly awaiting a monthly meeting – but here I am. With each meeting comes an eager anticipation of a long list of not only goals accomplished but goals over accomplished. Stacey IS what our party needs. A grassroots inspirational goal oriented FOR the people, people person.

I support Stacey Patel because she has the personal integrity, intelligence, dedication, leadership ability, and capability to lead our party to success in the ballot boxes where it counts.

My name is Oscar Rivera and I am the Vice Chair of The Brevard Democratic Executive Committee (DEC-Brevard Dems). I met Stacey Patel over two years ago and ever since that time she has not stopped surprising me with her energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, dedication, organizational skills, and attitude to get things done. I have seen first hand how Stacey develops an idea, gets some feedback, and gets to work right away. She is open to suggestions and has a great understanding of what grassroots and collaboration means. I have seen her get together a group of volunteers to jump on a bus for 26 hours to canvass for a candidate. I have seen her get volunteers energized to canvass and phone bank not only for local elections, but state wide and nation wide elections, too.

In a time where people are looking for leadership, we have a great opportunity in The Florida Democratic Party to elect Stacey Patel now. She has the vision and skill set to turn Florida Blue. One way to measure what to expect is to look at what the person has done in the past. So, did you know that Brevard DEC has grown more than 300% in the last year? Brevard County DEC had the most delegates during last month’s Florida Democratic Convention. Did you know that Brevard County had the most knocked on doors than any other DEC in Florida? This is all because of a grassroots leader with an understanding that winning elections is the key in politics. Her name is Stacey Patel. “I’ve learned to believe in the power of US” Stacey said. Recently, she has demonstrated not only her compassion in our county, state, but also for all brothers/sisters in Standing Rock and Puerto Rico.

So, the question is, are WE ready for Stacey? Are WE ready to take Florida back? Are WE ready to get to work? Many of US are! That is why I support and endorse OUR next Florida Democratic Party Chair, Stacey Patel. #OurParty

I’m about as native of a Satellite beach girl as it gets. Grew up there, and left for college. always wanted to came back, but only made it as far as Orlando where I’ve been simply blown away by the sheer talent that Stacey and Sanjay bring to the entire DEC game in FL. I’m a teeny tiny consultant with ties to the progressive community in the state and nationally…and I know the real deal when I see it. Stacey (and Sanjay both) have got what it takes to win for Florida, and to clean up some messes. I’m all in.

Every act she engages in is one with compassion, understanding and good reason. She’s hardworking and dedicated to a better future for everyone. I’ve met many beautiful people, but Stacey has reached out and touched so many hearts and minds with her love for putting the power back into the people’s hands and helping us see that we can do this together. She’s golden hearted and inspirational. And has the stamina and attitude we need representing #ourparty #staceypatelfdpchair

My name is Randy Meier. I run the South Speak out Brevard Indivisible group. Stacey is exactly what this country needs right now. She has brought the democratic party towards a more progressive platform and her beliefs meet those of most americans. We have to spread the word on what this platform is and how we can achieve it. Step one towards this goal is getting the right people in place. Stacey is the right person to lead this state in the same way she is leading Brevard county. I have been resisting and resisting this administration and now it is time to go forward and lead.

From the time I met Stacey Patel canvassing for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders in 2016, she has been a tireless force for good, bringing great energy and fresh ideas to the BrevardDems. She could do so much more at Florida Democratic Party!

As an Assistant Business Manager of a 1500 member local union, I am always on the lookout for Democratic Party officials who can best represent our rank and file members politically. Stacey Patel is that person who can lead the Florida Democratic Party and unite diverse groups such as labor unions under the Democratic banner. She has my full support in her bid for FDP Chair.

The BrevardDems under the leadership of Chair Stacey Patel caused me to become 100% involved in turning Brevard Blue. Stacey inspires me to do the best I can to make a difference in our community. I now get out and knock on door after door, which continues to encourage me as I meet those who are thankful to see a Democrat at their door. Stacey leads our DEC to guide our diverse backgrounds towards a common goal. She is the ideal person to lead the FDP.

Stacey Patel has my support for FDP chair. As a former NDP, I was terrified when our country elected Donald Trump as our leader. I needed to do something, so I reached out to my local DEC. I was immediately drawn to the inclusiveness, transparency, and energy of the Brevard County DEC.

In last month’s municipal elections, our team increased Democratic voter turn-out by a huge amount and got three Democrats into office in a completely red county. Stacey’s leadership was the reason that many of us knocked doors, called phones, and contributed money to these races.

Stacey is not afraid to dream big and then put in the work to make those dreams a reality. Not only that, but she knows how to inspire others to put forth their best effort to change the problems in our country. She responds to challenges and dissension with grace and understanding. The Florida Democratic Party needs someone like Stacey; a visionary who works hard to turn the tide of our divisive politics.

I am the Precinct 206 Democratic Committeewoman. I was inspired to join a movement largely started by Stacey Patel in Brevard County. Stacey has a infectious energy that has made our meetings almost spiritual. I can think of no better person to infuse the Florida Democratic Party with the energy we need to turn Florida Blue.

Stacey Patel is an amazing human being and has turned this deep red county into a county where Democrats won 50% of the open seats. Now we have the chance for this progressive powerhouse to become FDP Chair. We got your back!!
#OurParty #FloridaDemocraticParty #BrevardDems #ThisIsWhatDemocracyLooksLike #NotSoRedAfterAll

I support Stacey Patel for FDP Chair because she’s energetic, honest, and dedicated, which are the qualities of a good leader- but equally as important because she is kind, compassionate, and unfatiguingly patient- which are the qualities of an excellent chair! My faith that my voice matters in local government is almost solely due to the Brevard DEC, which has catapulted to success under Stacey’s leadership. I wish that same fate for the rest of the FDP- we have a long way to go, and we need to start electing people who will work with us and for us.

I fully endorse Stacey Patel for FDP Chair.

Under Stacey’s leadership, the Brevard Democratic Party has rallied and made it’s presence felt in a very red county. She has not only given us hope with her organizing skill, but her positive attitude and good nature make it a pleasure to work with her. She represents the direction the party needs to go to turn things around in Florida.

I think Stacey Patel is the perfect person to Chair FDP. She is a hard working organizer with great people skills. We need the best from now till the upcoming elections and she embodies the energy to get it done. Stacey is an ideal facilitator for our party.

I pledge my full support to Stacey Patel for the Florida Democratic Party chair because I have witnessed her unique ability to educate, inspire, train and mobilize #OurParty . Her dedication and passion for the grass roots effort, is exactly what our FDP needs! #OurParty

I’m supporting Stacey Patel for FDP Chair even though I don’t live in Florida!

I’m Linda Lombardy, Precinct 409 Committeewoman (Brevard). I am excited to support Stacey Patel for FDP Chair because she is genuinely and completely committed to advancing democratic values, and because her leadership in Brevard has been undeniable, indefatigable, and super smart. She’s already advanced the ball in our county by inspiring, organizing, and mobilizing our team – as FDP Chair . . . I believe she’ll change the game.

I endorse Stacey Patel because she has an unwavering commitment to humanity and justice for all! She embodies everything good about the Democratic party!

This party needs progressive leadership not people who work to install any centrist who can raise money. #OurParty

I’m support Stacey Patel for FDP Chair because its #Ourparty and she have integrity and is a real leader who is for truth, social justice, unity and solidarity!!!

In addition to Stacy’s organizational skills, she is warm-hearted and concerned about those less fortunate than us. As a recent resident of Brevard, I have been astounded at the energy and enthusiasm of the local party. If Stacy can spread that energy around Florida the Democrats will not only win in November but under her leadership, they will fight for the progressive values that were those of the Democratic Party of my youth.

I am honored and excited to endorse Stacey Patel for FDP CHAIR. As a past city council member I know how hard it is to elect local candidates. Her team has proven it can be done. She and her team work hard and helped elect 3 progressive Democrats this past November. She is a true leader, bringing our party to the forefront of this county.

Lets do the same for the State party.

Michele Paccione, former Palm Bay City Council Member and life long Democrat.

I support Stacey Patel because she has clearly demonstrated that she can rally Democrats and have an impact through her work in Brevard.

Stacey Patel is the Chair of Brevard County’s DEC. When I became involved with Brevard Democrats this summer, the energy at DEC meetings was apparent and infectious, and it emanated from the leadership on the dais. Stacey has turned Brevard’s Democrats around. The membership is growing, and is enthusiastic and engaged. While only the 9th largest county in the state, we had the most delegates of any county at the the State Conference last month. Our energy and enthusiasm was noticed by everyone at the conference. Stacey knows how to organize and motivate her people. She is honest, genuine, and transparent. She also has the quality of making people want to work harder because she has asked them to…the indefinable charisma of a great leader. FDP needs Stacey’s organizational and motivational skills to spread the enthusiasm and energy she has engendered on the Space Coast statewide. She has made the Brevard Democrats a force to be reckoned with in a short time. She will do the same statewide if elected as the Chair of the Florida Democratic Party.

My name is Eric Lehmann. I am a Precinct Committeeman in Brevard County Florida as well as Secretary of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Brevard, but am writing you on a personal note. I’m sure you’re as aware as I am of the resignation of both the Chairman and the President of the Florida Democratic Party. With our beloved party heading into the 2018 midterms. I know that you agree that our state’s party needs strong leadership. I know you want to be informed regarding the upcoming election to fill the vacant office of State Party Chair.

Stacey Patel, is an energetic and charismatic leader for our county’s Democratic Executive Committee. Brevard County’s DEC has swelled to over 135 members since she was elected to serve as Chairwomen. This is quite a feat in a county with 127,000 registered Democrats.

Brevard County had quite the showing at the Florida Democratic Party’s State Conference in October. Our County’s delegation was the largest delegation in attendance, exceeding the next closest county by 20 delegates. This is due directly to Ms. Patel’s leadership. She inspires others to give their time and resources to reach specific and tangible goals.

Brevard County was acknowledged at the convention for having the most doors knocked on during our 2017 Municipal Elections. I credit the hard-working men and women of Brevard’s Democratic Party with this accomplishment. However, Ms. Patel’s organizational and leadership skills were the driving factor in coordinating and motivating our volunteers to get out, in the heat, for the benefit of the party. This hard work had tangible results; Brevard’s candidates won is three out of six races in a dark red county.

The upcoming 2018 Midterm election will be critical to our state and nation; this election, for FDP’s State Chair will set the tone for those Midterms. We, as a party, need excited, charismatic, and effective leadership. Stacey Patel can bring the motivation, inspiration, and dedication she has brought to Brevard County to the whole state of Florida. I am available if you have any questions regarding this matter. Thank you for your time.

Respectfully Yours,
Eric Lehmann

Why should Stacey Patel be the next (and best) Chair of the FDP? Do you want an honest, not another full of lies and hidden agendas politician? Do you want a human being who is completely dedicated to improving our country, reversing as many of the horrible changes that have been occurring in the last year as possible?Stacey Patel is the real deal, an almost extinct species in a sea of corruption, greed and lies. I have had the honor to work side by side with her as a Brevard County Precinct Committeewoman and now Treasurer. Supporting Stacey would be one of the smartest things you have ever done. #OurParty. #StaceyPatelForFDP.

My name is Tom Rebman. I am a retired Naval Officer (23 years) and an Elementary School Teacher.

All I can say is that due to the leadership of Stacey Patel and the organization she has energized (Brevard Dems) I am now a registered Democrat (Republican for 34 years).

Now I am contemplating running for office as a Democrat! Mic drop.

I can’t imagine any candidate more qualified for the position of FDP Chair than Stacey Patel. Watching her become a genuine leader of the Brevard County Democratic Party over the last 12 months has been nothing short of a privilege and a pleasure. I endorse her candidacy with utmost enthusiasm! #ourparty

My name is Joni Roensch. I live in Pasco County, Florida. I hold no office in the party, I was registered NPA/Independent my entire adult life. In 2015 I became aware of Bernie Sanders’ candidacy and was inspired to affiliate with the Democratic Party, to vote in the primaries here in Florida for the first time. When he lost, I did not give up and Demexit. I have since then been slowly but surely more and more involved in meetings, canvassing for local candidates, and donating to local candidates here in Florida. As a “regular joe independent voter” who changed their ways after the 2016 election, I happily give my endorsement to Stacey Patel. I am not a rich person (in dollars anyways 😆) but after reading other endorsements here I’ll happily donate to the FDP both my time and the Newly Traditional Yet Honorable $27/month if she is elected (I’ve been known to donate more after bonuses lol). I feel she’s a great candidate, someone to make me PROUD of the FDP! Go Stacey!

Simply, Stacey just rocks. I have every confidence, Stacey can apply her energy to #OurParty to increase participation at the state level, like she has been able to do in Brevard.

I endorse Stacey Patel because of her dedication, enthusiasm, and the ideas and perspectives she brings. Being around Stacey is truly a breathe of fresh air. She an inspiration and exactly what the Democratic Party needs right now.

I endorse Stacey Patel for FDP Chair. She brings the energy, integrity, focus and heart to work for the People and convert standing-on-the-sideline to involvement. She is the righteous choice.

I attend FAU and I am an active Democrat. I endorse Stacey Patel proudly as I want progressive leadership with grassroots tactics. The people need her. #OurParty

This is absolutely amazing. Back in 2009-2010 I was a volunteer organizing with OFA and working with Marcelo Ramirez we spent 7 months working full time here in Brevard to try to create the real change that inspired us to get involved in the 2008 election. We started from scratch, and at the end of it we had accomplished a lot, our numbers were competitive with any other county in the state, many of which had way more resources than we did. By experience we came to know the same cynicism and infighting that had crippled our local Democratic Party going back a decade or more, and to be honest the experience left me scarred. We were roadblocked and undercut by the same challenges you guys faced last year, and as a couple of idealistic kids it was bewildering and disappointing to see how poorly the FDP and Brevard’s DEC were being run. It wasn’t something we were able to overcome. It made me feel like the change I had worked so hard for was simply out of reach and just too much to hope for; like all the work in the world wouldn’t make a difference. To see all that has been accomplished in the last year, to be able to get excited about the future of my home here in Brevard and Florida, and see the real possibility of solving so many problems that have been ignored for way too long is invigorating. To see so many people feeding off each others positive energy, hitting the streets with enthusiasm, and creating real results is truly inspiring. Thank you to Stacey and all of you whose work and energy has brought us this far and laid the foundation for a future we can all believe in and be proud of. I’m in! This is the movement for change that so many of us have been waiting so long for. This is what democracy really looks like. Thank you.

As a lifelong bluecollar Democrat I heartily endorse Stacey Patel for Chair of the FDP.

I’m in.

I’m Joe Pishgar, progressive activist, former candidate and communications director for civic action and engagement groups in Central Florida. I wholeheartedly endorse Stacey Patel for Florida Democratic Party Chairperson because she possesses the uncanny combination of knowing how to build grassroots power, raise dough, and clobber Republicans. This isn’t conjecture either, in that Stacey has proven this in the deep-red county of Brevard by increasing Democratic membership by more than 300%+ over the course of one year, winning municipal elections where Democrats haven’t been competitive for generations, and registering new Democratic voters while knocking on more doors than any other active party in the whole of Florida. Stacey is a hero-class champion for organizing real local-level power and I’ve seen her bridge the divisions within the party to accomplish the double miracle of grafting Hillary supporters to Bernie supporters to engineer staggering victories in light of a GOP stranglehold on Florida’s politics.

I don’t quite understand how she does it, or from what wellspring of inspiration she has acquired these abilities, but she has them, and Brevard County’s recent successes demonstrates the evidence that she has applied them during her time as DEC chair. It is the determined hope and urgent wish of mine that the Florida Democratic Party acquire the type of leadership and talent that Stacey Patel has to offer. If you can vote for FDP chair, please, I’d beg you on my knees to vote for Stacey – she’s one of the rare few who could empower the party to turn Florida bright blue.

Stacey Patel has clearly demonstrated that she has the skill set necessary to become FL Dem Chair. She has shown true leadership; has motivated, organized and administered Brevard County Dems to undeniable success. Most of all, she possesses personal integrity and compassionate strength of character. FL Dems should be grateful to have Stacey at their helm.

I am Sama, State Committeewoman, Congressional District Chair and I endorse Stacey Patel for FDP Chair.

I support Stacey Patel because she stood against the corruption in Miami-Dade DEC since day one. Backroom deals,fraud, and manipulation of the democratic process did not happen without her voice being heard alongside the voices of all the progressive people. She should be leading the FDP.

As a precinct committeewoman and Outreach Committee chair for the Brevard DEC, I unequivocally endorse Stacey Patel for the position of Chair of the Florida Democratic Party. Stacey embodies enthusiasm and has a unique understanding of grassroots organizing and the limitless power that can be harnessed by a group of dedicated volunteers. In the last year, she has worked tirelessly to transform our little red county by increasing the membership, focusing on strategy and training, and getting democrats out into the streets knocking doors in their communities. This work is paying off. Thanks to Stacey’s leadership, we’ve filled more of our precincts than ever before, flipped multiple seats during the 2017 municipal elections, and knocked the most doors in the state in 2017. The democrats in Brevard County are engaged, active, and ready to undertake the hard work necessary to win big in 2018. We need to spread the grassroots movement cultivated here in our county to the rest of Florida. Stacey is perfectly suited for this task. In order to win in ways we haven’t before, we desperately need someone who can think outside of the conventional box while simultaneously motivating people through the strength of her vision and drive. The Florida Democratic Party requires a bold, dedicated Chair to lead it through a successful election cycle in 2018 and beyond. Stacey Patel is that person. #OurParty

In my individual capacity, I wholeheartedly endorse Stacey Patel to be the next Chair of the Florida Democratic Party. I was lucky enough to meet Stacey as delegates to the 2016 DNC. Her passion and conviction is evident in her volunteerism, activism, and organizing. Her leadership is unmatched as evident in leading the Brevard DEC to such success in such a short amount of time. Stacey is the progressive voice Florida needs to lead Democrats back to the people and away from toxic consultants and corporate interests. This is #OurParty and Stacey Patel is best suited to lead us into the new era carved by the successful grassroots efforts in the campaigns of Senator Annette Taddeo and Mayor Rick Kriseman.

-Paul Stolc, President of the Big Bend Democratic Progressive Caucus, Board Member of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida, Constitution & Bylaws Chair of the Leon County Democratic Executive Committee.

Claudia Thomas here – Precinct 104 Committeewoman (all the way up here in Mims!), and saying that in itself is something I owe to Stacey Patel. (And my fellow PC, Jim Sloan who first reached out to me about becoming a PCW.)

After attending the Women’s March in Washington, DC this year and “hearing the call” from Michael Moore and others, I was ELATED to find that the year I decided to become active was the year Brevard County was lucky enough to have its Democratic Party TRANSFORMED – to the effective, effervescent and enthusiastic group it is today. I would challenge anyone to attend a few of our meetings and NOT feel an unquestionable desire to DO SOMETHING! So, Florida – do the right thing and put this woman in charge – you won’t be sorry!

#OurParty #FloridaDemocraticParty #BrevardDems #ThisIsWhatDemocracyLooksLike #NotSoRedAfterAll

As State Committeewoman for the Brevard County Dems, I wholeheartedly endorse and support Stacey Patel for FDP Chair. From a professional standpoint, I have never known anyone that has worked so hard to do what is right without the expectation of any type of personal reward or praise. I know that she would lead our party to victory with integrity, passion, and honesty. She has the background and qualifications to get the job done, not to mention the drive and motivation to follow through even when things are tough. When Stacey sets her mind to something, we know that she will give it 1000%. She has a brilliant mind for strategy and thinking outside of the box, which has led us to several recent victories on the local level in some challenging areas. The state of Florida and the FDP will be the ones reaping the benefits of her expertise and determination, and I am excited for what the future will hold with her leading us to victory.

As a private citizen and long time Florida resident that has had the privilege to know Stacey on a personal level, I am thrilled that she has made this decision. It will involve her sacrificing even more of her personal freedom and time in order to serve and help us move forward, but that is the type of person she is. After knowing her for several years, I can confidently say that she is one of the most kind, empathetic people that I know, and will always put the interests of others before her own. Even after working hard nonstop for a year to make our Brevard DEC successful, she still makes the time to help friends, family, and other members in times of need. She has ALWAYS put people and justice before her own personal needs, something that is very rare. Stacey is a warrior and a born leader, but underneath that tough exterior is a heart of gold. She isn’t in it for power or prestige, but to serve and make Florida a better place to live for all of us. I do not make these statements just because she is a friend, but because I know who she is as a person. I am honored to know and work with her, and am beyond convinced that she would be the absolutely best choice for FDP Chair.

I endorse Stacey Patel for FDP chair because since day one of knowing her she’s been committed to fighting even when the odds seem against us. Stacey has kept going even when I wanted to throw in the towel at the platform committee, the DNC and FDP elections. She is an amazing DEC chair and motivator and exactly what the party needs to keep going.

To me Stacey Patel represents a reviving ray of hope for the party. I was about to give up – now I am ready to dig in to save #OurParty if we can have #StaceyForFDP!!!

We were shaken to our cores when our country selected Donald Trump as President. We attended a Brevard Democratic Party meeting to learn how to move forward. We left that meeting as volunteers to serve as Precinct Committee Woman and Committee Man. Stacey showed us how to become part of the change we wish to see in the world. Stacey’s leadership has energized our local party and motivated us to donate our time and money to turn Brevard, Florida, and our country BLUE again.

My name is Parris Westbrook. I live in Vero Beach, Indian River County, Florida. I am and have been a Democrat over my long adult life. Besides currently being a Precinct Captain for the Indian River DEC, I serve on various committees and am an active participant in numerous Party related initiatives. I am also on the founding board of the Treasure Coast Democratic Progressive Caucus, a longtime member of the Indian River Democratic Women’s Club, the Florida Democratic Environmental Caucus and the Veterans Caucus. In addition, I have been active in various RESIST demonstrations and make calls per recommendations of two Indivisible groups.

I was an organizer and unabashed supporter of Bernie Sanders during the primaries but gave all for Hillary Clinton in her race against Trump. Like millions of others, I was devastated with the election’s outcome. I pointed my finger at numerous factors, personalities and the Democratic Party for this.

Although chastised for using “ineptness and corruption” in describing the DNC and the Florida Party, I held my ground and on more than one occasion came very close to abandoning the Democratic Party altogether. The one and only reason for not following through with this was watching the transformation of the Brevard DEC under the leadership of Stacey Patel. I saw my party and country finally having the opportunity of being the party and country for all.

Stacey doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk and I am thrilled to offer my endorsement and whatever resources I can.

Stacey Patel has been a miracle worker for the deep red county of Brevard. She has given me hope that the Brevard Democrats can succeed in this county. I truly believe, with her special gifts, of enthusiasm, inspirations, organization, commitment , deep and forward looking thinking, and big heart embracing all , not just the rich, she can do the same for the Florida Democratic party.

My name is Jim Bangerter and I am a Precinct Committeeman in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida. I wholeheartedly support Stacey Patel to lead the FDP! She has the leadership skills to guide the FDP to victory. Her enthusiasm, energy, and desire to turn Florida blue is boundless and infections and is exactly what the FDP needs as the leader for our party. I fully support her candidacy for FDP chair!

After the nightmare of last year’s presidential election results I, like so many others, knew I had to do something to help change the next election. When I attended the first meeting of the Brevard County Democratic Executive Committee and heard/saw Stacey Patel in action, I knew that change would be coming, and it would be the kind of change we needed. The BrevardDems were led by an intelligent, passionate, thoughtful and potent force. Stacey Patel is that force, and I am overwhelmed with hope and optimism that she could be the next leader of the FDP. I fully and completely endorse her candidacy, and can’t wait to see the change that’s coming to our state.

I enthusiastically endorse Stacey Patel for the position of Chair of the Florida Democratic Party. I joined the Brevard DEC one year ago and due to Stacey’s leadership we’ve become a vocal, passionate and hardworking group of Democrats working tirelessly to transform our county. As much as I hate to share Stacey, I know the entire state needs her!

I fully support Stacey Patel for Florida Democratic Party Chair because I know she has the necessary leadership skills to unite Florida democrats and lead the party in the right direction with grace and integrity. As a precinct committeewoman in Escambia county, I see so many democrats who are so disillusioned by the rampant corruption and in-fighting within the party, that they are giving up altogether. With Stacey at the helm, we can reform the FDP and make Florida a blue state once again.

For most of my adult life, I haven’t been a Democrat. Nearly two years ago, it was Bernie that brought me in, but since then, it’s been people like Stacey Patel that have made me stay a Democrat.

I endorse Stacey Patel because of what has happened in Brevard County since the 2016 election. There has been an awakening and a mobilization with her leadership – witness the recent municipal elections and the candidates for upcoming elections in 2018. Grassroots organizing with local progressive groups and results. This is what we need in our state!

I support Stacey because she has proved herself to be a strong and dedicated progressive leader. She will provide the same progress statewide that she has for Brevard County.

I’m a registered democrat supporting Stacey Patel for FDP chair because she actually got voters registered and very recently got some wins in the red county of Brevard. She was able to be successful because she’s part of the group of voters the FDP has failed to energize. The young. The politically progressive. People of color and people of the class formerly known as working.

Look at Florida election results over the past decade!

You need help FDP, and here is that help, in person. #ourparty

Bob Redell, Cape Canaveral Florida

I’m still striving for the eloquence that Stacey has when she is expressing her passions, but Stacey is the capable leader that we need to bring enthusiasm to the Florida Democratic Party. She sheds blood, sweat, and tears to improve the lives of us all. It’s a pleasure serving beside her in the quest for justice for all. #OurParty #WorkingEndorsement

I support Stacey… her enthusiasm and dedication is what Florida’s Democratic Party needs!