Join the movement to give the power of #OurParty back to the people.

Right now, our top priority is mobilizing grassroots Democrats across Florida to reach out to the ~200 voters across Florida who sit on the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) State Executive Committee.

Postcards: We’d love everyone to send handmade postcards to the voters sharing why you believe in #OurParty and why you support Stacey’s candidacy for FDP Chair. Postcards should be mailed as soon as possible but no later than end of day on Saturday, December 2 so that they will arrive before the election. To request addresses to send postcards, fill out this form.

Phone Calls: We’re also looking for individuals who have relationships with the voters, or who live in their counties, to reach out to voters by phone. If you know anyone on this list of voters, or live in the counties they represent, please email Eric Lehmann at to get involved. It is important to make this a coordinated effort, and for anyone who represents #OurParty to remember and radiate our core values when reaching out to voters.

Here’s a few ways you can support our campaign right now:

  • Endorse Stacey by leaving a comment here.
  • Fund our campaign by contributing here.
  • Pledge a monthly donation to #OurParty by completing the poll to select your donation level here.
  • Pledge your time to #OurParty here.
  • Participate & pass it on. You can join our Facebook group here.